i-MO OptiBond Rental

Do you have an immediate short-term requirement for Internet connectivity at that difficult to serve remote temporary or mobile location?

If so - then rental of one of our i-MO OptiBond appliances may be the solution.

Our standard rental product is the i-MO 520 Series Bonding router with 2 x 4G Modems & 2 x external (outdoor) Aerials:  at a rate of £440 + VAT per unit per month or part thereof – inclusive two 4G SIMS (data subject to network “fair use” conditions).

Optional One-Off Fees: 

  • Collection of i-MO unit from site - £35.00  + VAT
  • Additional data contracts / SIMS - £35.00 + VAT each per month or part thereof (data subject to network “fair use” conditions)


  • Charges detailed above include initial configuration (eg VPN configuration where required) / remote setup of the appliance
  • Charges exclude shipping
  • Charges exclude VAT

We bill monthly starting from the date of delivery for the committed duration (eg 3 months, 6 months etc). Should the unit  be required for an extended period we will need a further purchase order against which we can bill. The minimum billing increment for rentals is full months.

In the event that a rental unit is not returned at the end of an agreed rental period and no new purchase order is issued to us we reserve the right to bill monthly until such time as the unit is returned. In these circumstances we will refer to the original order number on our invoices.

In the event that any unit is returned incomplete or damaged (other than normal wear and tear) we reserve the right to bill for repairs and replacements etc.

All offers are subject to EMS Ltd terms and conditions.


  • Business Benefits +

    Increased Bandwidth & Resilience
    The standard i-MO appliance accommodates dual SIM cards (same or different networks) with true bonding of bandwidth across the data connections.

    Improved end user experience
    The appliance also includes a caching web proxy and packet shaping and filtering to improve the end user experience.

    Low latency for interactive applications
    The appliance does not suffer from the latency issues which are typical of satellite based systems.

    Easy to set up and use
    The appliance is straightforward to setup. Our services are not normally required onsite.
    Each appliance is remotely managed and monitored by us.

  • Technical Specifications +


    2U Rack Mountable / Desktop

    Dimensions (WxHxD)

    435 x 242 x 92 mm


    4.5 Kg


    Rack mount option


    Intelligent LCD status panel

    Embedded Modems

    2 x internal slots for LTE/UMTS modules

    Cellular Data SIMS


    Antenna Connectors

    3 x SMA

    LAN / WAN Interface

    Single LAN port

    Management Port

    RS232 serial console

    Power Input

    100V - 240V AC, 50-60 Hz

    Power Supply

    External AC Adapter 100V – 240V / DC Output 12V 5A

    Max Power Consumption


    Operating Temperature

    0°C to ~45°C


    -20°C to +60°C


    0% to 80% (non-condensing)


    Intel  x86 processor


    1GB DDR3 1333MHz

    WiFi WLAN Access Point

    802.11 b/g/n



    i-MO Firmware with:

    OptiBond Advanced Bandwidth Technology

    Cellular SIM management

    Session Persistence


    Device Management

    Web Administrative Interface

    Export / Import Configuration

    Command Line Interface


    DHCP Client

    Static IP

    WAN Link Health Check



    Multiple LAN subnets supported

    DHCP Server

    DHCP Reservation

    DNS Server



    802.11 b/g/n Access Point


    Site to site VPN supported

    IPsec VPN

    Ciphers: AES and 3DES

    Hashes: MD5 and SHA1

    Pre-shared Key


    Dead Peer Detection



    Stateful firewall with support for PPTP, FTP,SIP,H.323

    Multiple zones: WAN, DMZ, LAN

    Multi NAT

    IP Forwarding

    Port Forwarding


    Advanced QoS

    Bandwidth Reservation

    Application Prioritization



  • FAQ +

    Q: How do I know whether an i-MO unit will function at my location?

    A: Whilst we are unable to guarantee mobile network performance at any given location we can - when provided with a full and accurate postcode - provide an estimation of likely coverage.

    Q: What bandwidth / speed can I expect?

    A: Bandwidth / speed is mobile network dependent and may vary significantly. Factors influencing performance include location, grade of coverage (2G, 3G, 4G etc) and service contention ratios.

    Q: What is the minimum rental period for which I have to pay?

    A: The minimum period for which we bill is one whole month (and multiples thereof).

    Q: When must I return the i-MO Appliance in order to avoid additional charges?

    A: The unit must be returned to us within two working days of the end of a given rental period. As an example if you have had an Appliance on rental for the period 11th February - 10th March the unit must be physically returned to us by close of business on March 12th in order to avoid a further month's rental being charged to you.

    Q: What monthly data allowances are available on the SIMS which you provide?

    A: SIMS provided by us have the largest standard data allowance available for a given network at the time the contract is procured. Allowances are typically in the range 8 - 15GB/month - mobile network dependent. Further SIMS can be provided at additional cost.

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