RICOH Women's British Golf Open 2014 use i-MO OptiBond

Electronic Media Services Limited (EMS) is delighted to announce that MyComm - IT deployed it's UK designed and manufactured i-MO™ OptiBond™ Professional Bonding Routers at The RICOH Women's British Open 2014 held at the Royal Birkdale Golf Club this week.

MyComm - IT have the contract to supply connectivity and manage the network across the whole site including all agencies, sponsors, officials, media, TV, merchandising, players and their support teams.

Due to the late delivery of fixed lines to the site, i-MO™ OptiBond™ has provided bonded 4G connectivity and was used exclusively for the first four set up days until fibre was available and then for resilience purposes when the fibre link temporarily broke.

Nick Boby, Managing Director MyComm – IT commented, " i-MO™ OptiBond™ enabled us to efficiently bond ADSL channels and 4G cellular data channels, within 10 minutes of turning up on site and provide full internet access including VOIP telephony. For similar events this is your get out of jail card. We only heard universal praise for the unit. The unit is currently in the TV Compound and is being used by global media companies including the IMG Production unit and ESPN."

ricoh logoEMS CEO Andrew Lambert said, "As the UK originator, designer and manufacturer of bonding technologies we have the experience and expertise needed by communications providers and a range of cost-effective solutions that enable organisations to respond quickly to the fast changing requirements for connectivity of today.
Our i-MO™ OptiBond™ Series of Bonded Routers provide the widest range of connectivity options for users including 3G and 4G mobile, DSL circuits and WAN Connectivity with Software Designed Networking functionality to reduce costs and improve network configuration management.

Furthermore the i-MO™ OptiBond™ range includes modules for voice connectivity, NAS file server capability and CCTV to deliver a complete solution."
In terms of cost effectiveness analysis shows that i-MO™ OptiBond™ solutions are 30% cheaper than lower specification alternatives and can deliver savings of 40% to 90% of monthly MPLS WAN costs.

Andrew Lambert continues, "Communications and Service Providers looking for margin rich sales opportunities should talk to EMS. As the most experienced provider of these type of applications we have an un-paralleled track record for product features and design quality coupled with a fully supportive partner program that delivers sales success."

i-MO Bonding Routers

  • Up to 3 cellular 3G/4G modules
  • Up to 6 cellular SIMs with intelligent switching
  • 6 Gigabit Ethernet ports - WAN/LAN
  • 802.11 b/g/n WiFi Access Point
  • OptiBond intelligent bandwidth bonding
  • Unique software option to deploy centralised bonding Concentrator
  • Advanced QOS – bandwidth reservation and application prioritisation
  • Integrated stateful multi-zone Firewall
  • 5 x IPsec VPN connections
  • NAS with file replication (up to 2 x 1TB HD with RAID 0/1)
  • Fully featured VOIP PABX – with call hold, transfer, voicemail functions
  • CCTV
  • Web and CLI administrative interface
  • SNMP monitoring
  • 8-32V automotive power or generator supply option